Top tips to sell your home.

Blog-picGenerally buyers are looking for a well maintained property, with space and décor which will suit their taste and requirements. The little amount they need to spend on the property, the more they are likely to pay for it in the sale.

Here are our top tips to ensure a sale at the best possible price.

De- clutter!

thN22D8PQBBuyers need to imagine themselves living in your house, get rid of any posters, stickers, photos on walls etc. Any large pieces of furniture place in storage as this will create more space and make the rooms feel bigger. Make sure the hallway is spacious, no coats or shoes cluttering the space, put up mirrors in dark spaces to give the area a lighter feel.

Freshen up

thVXJUTIHK-300x187Kitchens and bathrooms are a huge selling point to a buyer, make sure they smell nice, wash and wipe surfaces, buy an air freshener and fresh flowers. Polish taps and mirrors. Open your curtains and turn on your lights, Dress your bed with pillows and throws, Take your animals out of the property, remove pet beds and bowls.


Buyers will be looking and comparing your property to others of a similar size and price and they will be also looking for reasons to offer a lower price. Pre-empt this, put yourself in a buyers shoes and walk around the house, making notes of any repairs (no matter how small), ensure you touch up any paintwork, re-grout any dirty tiles, fix and repair and doors, skirting etc.

‘KerthCYAN5IIMb appeal’

Create a good impression from the outside. mow the lawn, de-weed the drive, paint the front door, fix any missing fence posts and hang some flowers and move the bins and cars. You want the buyer to be impressed and excited to see the inside of the property.

Outside space

thR9BUS2JU-300x180Outside space is a huge selling point to buyers and no matter if you have a small or large garden, you still need to sell the space. Ensure the garden has been mowed and plants pruned to create space. If you are overlooked, try using bamboo fencing to limit this. Set out a table and chairs and place flowers and plants around to create a patio look.

Define your rooms

If you have a dining room which is now a toy room, return It back to a dining room. If you have a spare room which you use for storage, return it back to a bedroom so that the buyer can see the space for it’s potential.



Chose the right agent, here’s what to check….

  • How many similar properties have you sold and what prices did they sell for?
  • Can they demonstrate a proven track record for selling in your area?
  • How long did they take to sell?
  • Where will they advertise your property? Do they have access to major property search engines, social media and have they got online presence?
  • Which redress scheme do they belong to?
  • What estate agency qualifications does the company and their staff have?
  • What charges do they make apart from the agency fees?
  • Can I see a copy of their terms and conditions?
  • How do they check that buyers can afford your property?
  • Will they have accompany viewers if you cannot be there?
  • How will they follow up with prospective buyers after they’ve viewed the property?
  • Are floor plans and pictures included in the property details?

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